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30 min cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisture.

For all skin types, an introductory facial. As above but including massage.

AROMAPLASTIE For normal skins £40.00
This personalised facial is Decléor‟s signature treatment for the face. At the heart of the treatment are natural, blended essential oils chosen specifically for your skin type to correct imbalances, restore and re-vitalise. This multi-beneficial facial will ensure rejuvenation, anti-ageing, hydrating and decongesting. You‟ll leave with a radiant complexion and velvety smooth, moisturised skin.

As above but performed on the back. Excellent for problematic backs

TOTAL BALANCE For oily skins £43.00
This intensive balancing treatment uses purifying essential oils of ylang-ylang and tea tree. It‟s perfect for combination skin, as the treatment will balance the t-zone. This treatment will leave your skin clearer more luminous and much more refined.

DEEP NOURISH For very dry skins £43.00
Replenish the skin‟s lost moisture and reinforce the skin‟s barrier function with this deeply nourishing treatment. Essential oils of rose, neroli and petit-grain will penetrate the skin and combat even the driest skins. You will leave with nourished, hydrated and glowing skin.

SHEER CALM For sensitive skins £43.00
For extremely sensitive and sensitised skins, this facial aims to soothe using natural essential oils of Roman camomile, angelica and geranium. This wonderful calming treatment comforts stressed-out skins and will leave your complexion re-balanced, smooth, cooled and restored.

EVIDENCE LIFT Anti ageing facial 30+ £46.00
This facial is the holistic answer to face lifting without invasive surgery. The specialised Decleor mask will tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles. The combination of pure essential oils of iris, jasmine and cinnamon at the heart of this treatment will combat the signs of ageing. You will leave with tighter, firmer skin and a supple complexion.